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Businessmen services

Businessmen services

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The NPN Group provides company establishment services inside and outside the free zones in all the United Arab Emirates, and the NBN Group provides the investors with a lot of money in the establishment stage and the stage of activity, and the NPN Group is characterized by accuracy and speed in the completion of Transactions related to company incorporation.

Five steps to obtaining a commercial license and establishing a new company within five days:

Rent an office

Find a local sponsor

Reserving a trade name

Drafting the Articles of Association

Obtaining the necessary approvals. 

In the beginning, we provide full assistance to comply with the requirements and facilitate the process of investing in the process of starting any business in Dubai. Our services include the procedures for obtaining a commercial license and establishing a new company as follows: -

Complete the documents required to obtain the license, which includes, for example, the trade name reservation form, the drafting of the establishment contract, the drafting of the secondary agreement with the local sponsor, etc.

Visiting government websites and agencies according to the client's commercial activity.

Determine the location as per customer requirements. 

Assist in preparing the activity and business plan. 

Obtaining all necessary approvals. 

Preparing meetings with bank representatives. 

Coordination between the investor and government authorities. 

Preparing a place to reside for the investor if requested (the cost is borne by the investor). 

Completing all required formalities without the need for the client to attend in person. 

Delivery of the commercial license to the investor according to the timeframe according to the type of license. 

We can help investors more effectively if they provide us with the details of the required activity.

NBN Group provides this service as part of the media licensing services (activities) of a commercial nature

G -To-C Services provided to individual customers.

 G-To-B Services provided to the business sector.

G-To-G Services provided to other government agencies, whether federal or local. 

In addition to:

- Sponsor services

- Solutions to financing problems in a legal way. 


Liquidation of the company from a practical - accounting and legal perspective that the liquidation of companies is not an easy thing, as it requires the appointment of a legal liquidator approved at the headquarters in which the company is located, and the legal liquidator is named in a document appointing him, and this document may be a decision of the general assembly of the company - in the event of voluntary liquidation - and it may be a judicial ruling issued by the competent court, and according to the law, the decision to place the company under liquidation must specify a deadline for the end of the liquidation, a statement of the powers of the liquidator, and his remuneration. The liquidation may be rapid, and it may be gradual, depending on the situation in which the company is when the decision is made to liquidate it.


The liquidator is the one who legally represents the company under liquidation, and the director or directors of the company may continue to continue their duties until the liquidation works are completed or for the term specified by the liquidator. It is not advisable for the liquidator to leave the important employees the freedom to stop working in the company under liquidation, especially the accountants, and it is advised to keep the accountants until the liquidation is closed. During the liquidation, the company may be exposed to the implementation of the judgments of cases against it, and in that case, the liquidator, in his capacity as the one who represents the company before the court, must return to the execution judge and ask him to suspend the execution of the judgments until the completion of the liquidation procedures within the list of creditors.

The liquidation, in practice, ends with the end of the company's activities and with the end of the activities related to the liquidation, but from the legal point of view it does not end except by removing the company’s registration from the commercial registry or from the commercial licenses registry and with the erasure and cancellation of all its commercial licenses.

Establishing companies