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Financial Consulting

Financial consulting and analysis

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Control and internal audit

Our company has significant experience in providing internal audit services to organizations of various sizes and industries. Our risk-based approach to internal audit transforms the traditional interactive function into a more strategic function that impacts financial effectiveness and organizational compliance, leading to operational excellence and risk management in a proactive way.

Our company provides wide services in this field based on the aspirations and needs of our customers. Our services in the field of administrative and financial consulting are designed and specialized in a way that helps our clients focus on the points that need improvement, in addition to developing administrative staff in a way that increases customer profits and Saves time, effort, and cost.

Our services in this field are the following:

Business plans and market studies

Preparation of policies and procedures

Business cycle brochures

Project feasibility reports

Review business processes

Mergers and acquisitions

Financial consulting for companies

Business evaluation

Management messages


We provide risk-based internal audit services, which are specially designed for the size and scope of your business. First, we focus on understanding your business and the risks associated with it, then we focus our efforts on the most important aspects.
Our advisors in the field of financial advisory have specialized expertise and extensive experience in various fields of business. Our consultants focus on forming strong internal controls, with a commitment to achieving tangible results and continuous development.
The strategic and robust internal audit framework integrates compliance, controls, and risk management in line with the company's objectives, vision, and stakeholder expectations. A sound internal audit framework helps the company to remain within the safety line in achieving its goals and objectives. Thus, we can help you build new corporate governance and a new system for identifying and managing risks, standing on expectations, increasing efficiency and productivity, eliminating duplication, and identifying areas for improving performance.

Why should you involve us in your audits?

We provide professional, quality-centric auditing services in Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.
We are an audit firm with more than twenty years of experience in the UAE market.
Our team consists of highly qualified, specialized auditors (Certified Public Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Internal Auditors, etc.) who have extensive experience in various business areas and hold advanced certificates in the field.
We are known for our ethical approach and deeply rooted values.

Accounting  & Bookkeeping  Services

We provide accounting services as we measure and process financial information for your business. We also transfer this information to a variety of users, including investors, creditors, management and regulatory bodies. This information and financial data contribute to the development of companies and form the basis of economic planning in the short and long term.
Accounting can be divided into several areas that include financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing, tax accounting, and cost accounting. Accounting information systems are designed to support accounting tasks and related activities.

Financial accounting focuses on reporting financial information to the company, including the preparation of financial statements, for external users of the information, such as investors, regulators, and suppliers; Management accounting focuses on measuring, analyzing, and reporting on internal use by the administration. Recording of financial transactions, so that the summaries of the financial statements are presented in the financial reports, is known as the organization of accounting records.
We also provide accounting bookkeeping services which is the process of recording financial transactions, which is part of the accounting process in the business. Transactions include transactions, sales, receipts, and payments by a person or organization/company.
There are several standard methods of organizing records or bookkeeping, such as the single-entry bookkeeping system and the double-entry bookkeeping system, but, while they may be seen as "real" bookkeeping, any process that involves recording financial transactions is considered as the organization of accounting records or Bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping for an individual or organization is the daily detailed recording of all financial transactions; starting with sales, purchases, and income; In terms of the recipient and paid, and that is undertaken by an experienced person from our professional team. What is recorded in the books of financial statements becomes the basis of the various financial reports prepared by accountants. And if the transactions are relatively simple, then the bookkeeping system may be sufficient alone for the company's accounting system.

The importance of bookkeeping is the following:

Help to know his financial position.

It shows all the financial operations that he performed during the day through the journal.

It shows the details of the goods that the merchant has at the end of the fiscal year, and the result of each account is easily extracted at any time.

Regular bookkeeping that benefits the merchant debtor in taking advantage of the Protective Composition Benefit from bankruptcy.

Value added tax and tax return preparation

It is an indirect tax on consumption that is imposed on most goods and services that are supplied at every stage of the supply chain.
The final consumer bears the cost of this tax. Businesses and companies registered for tax calculate and collect it for the government.

Value-added tax (VAT) was introduced in the UAE on January 1, 2018, and it is an indirect tax of 5% levied on most goods and services that are supplied at every stage of the supply chain. The final consumer bears the cost of this tax. Businesses and companies registered for tax calculate and collect it for the government.

The value-added tax constitutes a new source of income for the state, which contributes to ensuring the continuity of the provision of high-quality government services in the future. This source of income will help advance the UAE’s vision of reducing dependence on oil and other hydrocarbon products as primary sources of revenue.

Due to the importance of tax services and advice, we provide all our clients with distinguished tax services and consultations in all areas of tax, including value-added tax. These services are provided in the office by experts in tax affairs.

Tax services include assisting the office's clients in preparing the monthly tax returns for value-added tax, as well as representing clients when carrying out tax examination work for the books and accounting records. The office management is also keen to inform clients of any new tax legislation or instructions that can be used and to avoid any fines or additional taxes due to the lack of knowledge of this new legislation or tax instructions in the right time.

Accounting programs

It is an accounting and sales program

  • 56 languages included
  • You can work from any device, a mobile device, etc., and it works anywhere.
  • Electronic archiving for accounts
  • The work is electronic, which means there are no manual restrictions.
  • It has a surveillance operations
  • Preparing approved budgets 

Audited and approved budgets to clarify the financial situation of the companies or to renew commercial licenses and to establish financing from banks or provide them to any other according to the account.