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M/s. NBN Auditing of Accounting Mezzanine Floor 03, Dar Al Wuhedia Building,  Al Mamzar - Dubai

Legal Consulting Services

Legal Consulting Services

We can also provide legal advice, for example, in the case of buying a real estate property through a transaction that conforms to Islamic law, we can assess the legal situation and analyze the consequences of the decision, whether you are a resident abroad and have questions about local laws or reside in Dubai and explore new legal issues. We are here to help in all the cases. 

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Reports and legal advice

Debt collection and check problems

Debt Collection

Debt collection companies are financial and legal companies specialized in settling, collecting, and purchasing all types of debts, whether due, late, or Bad Debts, the need for such activity appeared at the end of the twentieth century and coincided with the rapid development in financial and administrative systems.
We are one of the first companies of its kind in the Emirates to collect debts, whether they are due from individuals or companies, as it undertakes all the burdens and responsibilities to collect those debts with reasonable costs that benefit the creditor by collecting his debts in the fastest times and with the lowest costs, as well as the debtor who receives advice and practical and legal solutions To pay off his debt as soon as possible.
We work in the NBN Group in different ways. We help our clients preserve their financial rights and we work in ways that distinguish us from others in matters of debt collection and friendly settlements. We have a different approach in finding peaceful ways that save time and cost for our clients in order to collect their debts, as we work with banks and Governmental agencies, companies, and individuals.

The lawyers and legal advisors at NBN Attorneys & Legal Consultants have good knowledge in all areas of laws and have the ability to prepare and submit reports and consultancies in all laws’ domains, for example, but not limited to personal law, real estate laws, and personal status. 
They can also help you with risk analysis and thus help make decisions that will enable you to move forward.