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M/s. NBN Auditing of Accounting Mezzanine Floor 03, Dar Al Wuhedia Building,  Al Mamzar - Dubai



Most people agree, that taxes are important and that modern states need money to fulfill their work for society. Nevertheless, taxes are often a headache, not only because they are often considered to be too high, but also, because mistakes in connection to the payment of taxes are usually criminalized. This can be a scary situation when people are not fully aware of all the rules and regulations when it comes to taxation and then has to prepare reports and forms that need to be filed with the government. Our highly experienced professionals position us ready to address the demands of SMEs and individual clients in this area. Our in house professionals are experts in accountancy and taxation and compliant to Continuing Professional Development in their respective fields.

Our CFO Services include

  • Budgets and Forecasting

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Financial Analysis

  • Special Projects

  • Financing

  • Working with Professionals (CPA, Banker, Attorney etc)

What We Do

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Problem Resolutions
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